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Abril Media Group Acquires Ebook Aggregator Xeriph


Abril, one of the main media groups in Latin America, based in São Paulo, has acquired ebook aggregator Xeriph, in a deal that included the digital bookstore Gato Sabido. Read More

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Saraiva’s E-bookstore Boosts Revenue, 800,000 E-reading Apps Downloaded

saraiva reading app video

Saraiva’s e-bookstore — the target of a potential acquisition, according the reported rumors — is growing, with revenue of $246k in the last month and the store’s e-reading apps were downloaded 800,000 times. Read More

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Brazilian Media Group Abril’s Iba E-bookstore Goes Live


Abril’s Iba, Brazil’s newest e-bookstore, offers 25 magazines, 19 newspapers and 6,000 e-books from 170 publishers, and is focusing on tablets and PCs.  Read More

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Google Pitches Brazilian Publishers Prior to 2012 Launch

Google Books brazil

Google has been talking to Brazilian booksellers and publishers for a while now, but on Thursday last week, it made it official, gathering potential partners to promote its store and tools aimed at the publishing […] Read More

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Mega Appliance and Furniture Store Chain Adds Books, E-books Planned

Livraria do Ricardo

Máquina de Vendas — a holding company that includes the brands Ricardo Eletro, Insinuante and City Lar — is the second largest retailer of home appliances and furniture in Brazil. In 2010, the firm invested […] Read More

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