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Latest headlines and updates from the book publishing industry in Brazil

Abril Media Group Acquires Ebook Aggregator Xeriph


Abril, one of the main media groups in Latin America, based in São Paulo, has acquired ebook aggregator Xeriph, in a deal that included the digital bookstore Gato Sabido. Read More

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FNLIJ Awards for Children’s Literature


The National Book Foundation for Children and Youth has awared their annual prizes for the best of children and YA productions of 2012, with publisher Cosac Naify taking the most honors. Read More

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Ministry of Culture Moves Oversite of Book Policies Back to Brasilia

Marta Suplicy and RenatoLessa

The Ministry of Culture has moved oversite of book policies back to Brasilia from Rio, where previously the National Library Foundation (FBN) held sway. The FBN will continue to administer oversite of international book programs. Read More

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Brazil One Step Closer to Allowing Unauthorized Biographies

brazilian flag

Brazil is one step closer to passing the Biographies Law, which would open the door for publishers to publish unauthorized biographies of famous and public figures. Read More

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Brazilian Publishers Thrive at Bologna Children’s Book Fair

exhibition center at bologna book fair

The Bologna Children’s Book Fair was eventful for Brazilian publishers, with Cosac Naify being honored as best kid’s publisher in Latin America, and five publishers with books cited as being among the 2013’s best. Read More

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