Saraiva Launches “Publique-se!” Self-publishing Platform


By Iona Teixeira Stevens

Saraiva has become a strong competitor in Brazil’s digital publishing market and is considered the sole indigenous company that can compete with Amazon, Kobo, Apple and Google.

Late last month, the publisher and retailer  –  Saraiva owns the biggest bookstore chain in Brazil, with over 100 stores – launched  its own self-publishing platform, following the example of Kobo’s Writing  Life, Amazon’s KDP and several smaller Brazilian initiatives, including Clube dos Autores, or Author’s Club.

The portal is called “Publique-se,” which translates to “Publish it yourself” (although in Portuguese it doesn’t sound quite like an awkward DIY tool as in English), and will grant 35% royalties to self-published authors.

In a statement, Saraiva has also announced that soon it will offer “editorial services with Saraiva Group’s expertise and the possibility of launching  printed versions, with events in store.”

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