Total Number of Portuguese Brazilian Ebook Titles Reaches 25,000


Brazilian ebook and education firm Simplissimo has been surveying Brazilian ebooks since 2011, well before the launch of Amazon, Kobo and Google stores. Earlier this week Revolução eBook [eBook Revolution], the Brazilian version of the Digital Book World portal, published the latest Simplissimo survey, which showed that there currently 25,000 Brazilian Portuguese titles in the digital format in Brazil, a jump from 16,000 in August 2012 (before the arrival of big international players in the end of 2013).

The survey also showed that Apple is leading in number of titles available, just over 18,000, followed by Amazon, with 15,800. Saraiva comes in third place, with about 13,000. Kobo’s partner Livraria Cultura is in 4th with just over 12,000 titles and Gato Sabido and Google are in last places, with 12,000 titles each.

Eduardo Melo, editor at Revolução eBook, believes that the explanation for ebook growth in Brazil should not just be credited to the arrival of international platforms and investment of Brazilian publishers, but also the growth of self-published authors. Although self-publishing is not as significant a force in Brazil as it is abroad,  several self-published authors that used the KDP platform have made it to Amazon’s ebooks bestsellers list this month. Mr Melo predicts that “by the end of the year there might be a “real national editorial phenomenon in self-published ebook sales”.

Saraiva and Amazon both objected to the survey data: Saraiva said that it has over 17,000 ebook titles in Portuguese in Brazil, and Amazon over 19,000. Simplissimo noted that it purposefully does not use official data from retailers, and that the survey only counted the number of ebooks available between April 20-24 of this year.

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