FNLIJ Awards for Children’s Literature

By Iona Teixeira Stevens

logo_fnlijLast week, the National Book Foundation for Children and Youth, member of the International Board of Books for Young People, IBBY,  awarded their annual prizes for the best of children and YA productions of 2012. There were 19 categories, including Poetry, Book-Toy News, and Editorial Project, among others.

Publisher Cosac Naify, who was also honored in Bologna this year, won the prize in six categories; publisher Positivo took home prizes. Publishers Play Book, Casa da Palavra, Manati, Peirópolis, Salamandra, Rocco, Pallas, Companhia das Letrinhas, Dimensão, SM, Tinta da China and Projeto were also honored.

The Foundation also ascribes a seal of “highly recommended” works of children’s literatura, but oddly, the institution does not disclose the list of works that have been selected.

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