Brazilian Publishers Thrive at Bologna Children’s Book Fair

On Tuesday, publisher Cosac Naify was awarded the BOP Prize at Bologna Children’s Book Fair for best publisher of the year in the Central and Latin America category. The BOP was created this year in honor of the Fair’s 50th anniversary and to celebrate the best children’s publishers in various regions of the world. The runners-up for the prize were Venezuela’s Ekaré and Tecolote, Fondo de Cultura Economica and Petra Ediciones, all from Mexico.

Cosac Naify is not the only Brazilian publisher celebrating in Bologna. Every year, the Internationale Jugendbibliothek — the world’s most extensive library of international children’s and young adult literature, located in Munich, Germany — launches its catalog, The White Ravens, at the Bologna Fair. The catalog has become a global reference guide to the best books published in that year. Five Brazilian publishers were cited with works, including Callis, Cosac Naify, Galera Record, Illuminuras and Scipione.

The titles noted were:

  • Psssssssssssssiu! (Callis) by Silvana Tavano, illustrated by Daniel Kondo
  • Aquela água toda (Cosac Naify) by João Anzanello Carrascoza, illustrated by Leya Mira Brander
  • As 17 cores do branco (Galera Record) by Luiz Raul Machado, illustrated by Ana Freitas
  • A fome do lobo (Iluminuras) by Cláudia Maria de Vasconcellos, illustrated by Odilon Moraes
  • Caçada (Scipione), written and illustrated by Fernando Vilela

In other news from Bologna, National Library Foundation launched its third edition of Machado Magazine. This edition is dedicated to children’s literature, in advance of Brazil’s role as Guest of Honor at the 2013 Frankfurt Book Fair.

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