Academic Ebooks Added to SciELO Digital Library

Digital library SciELO was launched in 1998 by three university publishers and aggregates academic journals and articles by Brazilian researchers. By March 2013, it had published more than 1,000 journals and 417 thousand academic articles, mostly by Brazilian authors but also from Latin America, Spain, Portugal and South Africa. Last week SciELO announced the launch of SciELO Books with open access and commercial ebooks from university research presses in the areas of Humanities, Social Sciences and Public Health. At present, there are 300 ebooks available and the institution expects to increase this by about 500 titles per year. Books can be fully downloaded or by chapters, in PDF or ePub format. Altogether, six publishers are participating in the initiative, the universities presses of the State of São Paulo (UNESP), Bahia (EDUFBA), Paraíba State (EDUEPB), Londrina State (EDUEL) and  São Carlos (EDUFSCar), and  Fiocruz institute.

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