More Megabookstores Opening in 2013

Cultura bookstore Brazil

In the tropical paradise of Salvador, Bahia, Cultura bookstores has opened one of its megastores. Photo by David Capbell

On Monday, the Brazilian newspaper Estado de São Paulo published an article analyzing the increase of Brazilian book megastore chains. Journalist Nayara Fraga demonstrated that the percentage of stores with revenue of between $7 and $10 million  jumped to 17% in 2012 from 3% in 2009, according to data from Gfk Research. And, contrary to what one might imagine, the biggest part of the expansion was in brick and mortar stores. Some examples of megastore chains include Livraria Cultura, with stores in 8 different states and four branches opening this year. Livrarias Curitiba, which has a strong presence in the southern states of Paraná and Santa Catarina, opened two in 2012 and will open another 1,000-square-meter store in the state of São Paulo. The largest chain, Saraiva, owner of one hundred stores, will open four more this year.

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