Leipzig Fair Features Nine Brazilian Authors

A delegation of nine Brazilian writers will participate in literary and cultural programs in four German cities, in preparation for the Frankfurt Book Fair. And it all begins in Leipzig, during the book fair, held between 14 and 17 of March.

The authors invited by the National Library Foundation are Carola Saavedra, Age de Carvalho, Luis Krausz, João Afonso, Rafael Cardoso, Tatiana Salem Levy, Wrobel Ronaldo, Ronaldo Correia de Brito and Ricardo Domeneck.

They will participate in 20 roundtables tables, debates and meetings. Other cities that will receive authors are Berlin, Cologne and Frankfurt.

The National Library Foundation stated that the criteria used in the choice of authors was to have works already published in Germany, recommendations of the Association for the Promotion of Literature from Africa, Asia and Latin America (LitPRom) for German publishers, the aesthetic quality of the works, a balance of geographic regions and publishers and diversity of genres and styles.

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