Brazil in Frankfurt: Full Steam Ahead

Culture Minister Marta Suplicy met last Tuesday with director of the Frankfurt Book Fair, Juergen Boos, and German ambassador in Brazil, Wilfried Groglig. The meeting was intended to ignite the engines for Brazil’s participation in Frankfurt as Guest of Honor at this year’s Frankfurt Book Fair. News agency EBC said that Mr Boos “stated that the event has relevance in the economic, political and cultural development of Europe and that partnerships between Brazil and Germany should not end after the event.”

Juergen Boos said afterwards in an interview at CBN radio station that “everything is well organized.” Brazilian advisors will visit Frankfurt this month to study the space area that Brazil will have during the fair. Journalist Simone Magno also reminded everyone that this year Germany is the Guest of Honor at the Rio de Janeiro Book Biennial, but Mr Boos underlined that this is mere coincidence and the are completely separate and independent.

As of December last year, the Frankfurt Book Fair has a representative in Brazil, Ricardo Costa, formerly of PublishNews and The Copia.

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