$25 Monthly Cultural Vouchers Given to 18.8m Low Wage Workers

Culture Minister Marta Suplicy announced earlier this year the Vale Cultura, a US$25 monthly credit that will be given to low-wage workers to spend on cultural products and services, from books and magazines to concerts, with no restriction of products. Ms. Suplicy stated that the voucher will be distributed on “prepaid” cards will have no expiration and will be cumulative. The Government will approve the benefit this month and the minister expects that the benefit wil be operative this year by June or July. According to newspaper Estado de São Paulo the Ministry of Culture works with a base of 18.8 million workers who would benefit from the project, and the government’s expectation is that the program will inject US$ 5.6 billion into cultural production chain. It is estimated that the tax exemption in the first year exceeds $500 million.

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