Kobo Brings Glo and Mini Ereaders to Brazil

By Iona Stevens and Carlo Carrenho

Kobo lurched ahead of Amazon once again in Brazil and launched two new ereaders, which means they now sell both the cheapest and the most expensive devices in the country.

On Tuesday retailer Livraria Cultura, Kobo’s partner, launched Kobo Glo and Kobo Mini. Kobo Mini is priced at $141, a touch cheaper than Amazon’s Kindle at $146, and the Glo model is $220, making it the most expensive ereader on sale in Brazil, for now. Both are touchscreen devices and Kobo Glo has internal light, neither feature of which is offered on the Kindle model sold in Brazil.

So all eyes are on Amazon now. Normally, the company — or its algorithms — would react instantly and the Kindle would be “automatically” priced cheaper than the Kobo. But in Brazil it’s a bit more complicated, since the devices are sold by third party retailers. Still, it would not be surprising if online retailer Ponto Frio and bookstore chain Livraria da Vila, who sell Amazon’s ereader, started offering discounts in the next few days. It should also speed up the arrival Amazon’s bringing Kindle Paperwhite to compete with KoboGlo.

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