Record Celebrates 70th Anniversary With Big Donation, Events

It is uncommon for a Brazilian brand, after decades of political and economic crisis, to reach its 70th anniversary. Let alone a publisher. Yet, that is the milestone publisher Record managed this month. The company, which began as a comic book distributor in 1942, is now the biggest editorial group in Latin America, with 13 imprints, 6,500 titles and its own printing facilities. Record is one of the few Brazilian publishers to have its own stand at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

The publisher will spend a year celebrating its birthday—offering 70 cultural events throughout 2013, beginning with its donation of 70,000 books to the National Library last week.

Sonia Jardim

Sônia Jardim, VP at Record, says that the biggest accomplishment is to have overcome the many economic crises the country has experienced and all the while becoming a leader in the publishing industry: “We are 70 years old and doing great. We are not tired; on the contrary, we are at our peak and still growing, always expanding and receiving literary prizes.”  To learn more about Record, see our profile of the company from our issue of Reading Brazil (PDF) produced for the Frankfurt Book Fair.

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  1. Cleiton Rafael
    Posted January 3, 2013 at 5:00 pm | Permalink

    Congratulations to all Record Team. My first book was bought by Mail at Record. It was long time ago, maybe 25 years. It´s great to know about the big sucess and how big Record become.
    Many and many years to come… Congrats.