Saraiva’s E-bookstore Boosts Revenue, 800,000 E-reading Apps Downloaded

By Carlo Carrenho

The rumours that Livraria Saraiva is selling a part of its business in Brazil are growing. After Bloomberg reported that they were in talks with Amazon last week, it was time for Reuters to report that the largest Brazilian bookstore chain is looking for a buyer for its e-commerce operations. All these reports, however, are based on anonymous statements, what tends to discredit the rumours even more. You can read our own analysis here.

Last week, however, Livrarias Saraiva disclosed some interesting numbers about its digital operations. The company offers around 11,000 titles in ePub and PDF formats, most of them using Adobe DRM, that can be read in the company’s IOS and Android apps, as well as in dedicated eReaders that are compatible with Adobe Digital Editions.

Here are the most recent figures, as reported by Saraiva’s CEO Marcilio Pousada:

The Brazilian e-bookstore’s e-book revenues in the last 30 days were US$ 246,000.

In units sold, Saraiva’s eBookstore would rank at the 11th position were it ranked among Saraiva’s 102 brick-and-mortar stores. Last January, the e-bookstores ranked in 79th place, and last month, it was at the 49th position.

The Saraiva reading apps for Android and iOS were downloaded more than 800,000 times.

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