Total Brazilian E-book Titles Grow by 45% in Six Months, But Hugely Concentrated

The Brazilian website Ebook Revolution published a survey last week showing that the number of Brazilian e-book titles available jumped to 16,000 from only 11,000 since February. The survey listed e-books in Portuguese on sale in the three biggest online bookstores: Amazon, Gato Sabido and Saraiva. Of the 16,000 e-books available, 15% are public domain works, while 15% are self-published. Amazon is far behind indigenous Brazilian bookstores, offering less than 6,000 e-books, of which over 20% are from public domain.

Ebook Revolution points out that Brazilian readers are warming to e-books: 30% of the copies of the Portuguese translation of Fifty Shades of Grey sold in Brazil were in a digital format, and an e-book on entrepreneurship by Bel Pesce was downloaded 350,000 times in 20 days.

The survey also underlines market concentration: only 10 publishers account for more than half the e-books sold in Portuguese.

“If we analyze the volume of e-books launched by each publisher, we find two distinct patterns. On one side there’s a small group of publishers that have already incorporated the digital book business, but on the other side there is a vast majority which is only now beginning to explore this new product” says Eduardo Melo, chief-editor at Ebook Revolution. Over half the 300 publishers listed have published 15 or less e-books each and, in direct contrast to that, around 30 publishers offer more than 100 e-book titles each.

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