“Pasta do Professor” Legal Course Packs Reach Half a Billion Content Pages Sold

Pasta do Professor, or “Professor’s Folder,” is a pioneering initiative to fight book piracy among university students in Brazil by offering an affordable and legal alternative to the widespread habit of book photocopying. The project began in 2007 and has today 34 associated publishers. They make their content available in fragments on the project’s website, university professors then create “folders” on the internet according to the course bibliography. Finally, students and readers in general can buy the folders, without copyright infringement and printing costs. “Students only use a small part of the book’s content, so, regardless of the book’s price, it is expensive for them” explains Bruno De Carli, director of the Pasta do Professor.

Last week the project reached the milestone of half a billion content pages delivered to students in affiliated educational institutions. “It’s a very important moment, it means that half a billion pages were not pirated,” crows De Carli. The project has incorporated different formats through time, from unbound files and print issues, to tablets editions. This ended up creating a huge set of metadata: “All books were divided in chapters, by name. No one knew that in future that would be called metadata” says De Carli. Some of the partner universities are the Catholic universities of the states of Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro and Mackenzie and ESPM in São Paulo state.

For more on the project, see a profile of the organization from this summer’s Frankfurt Academy FAQ magazine, written by Carlo Carrenho.

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