Agape Jr. Brings Brazil’s All-Time Bestseller to Kids

Agape, the book by Brazilian catholic priest Marcelo Rossi, has sold 7.7 million copies in the 21 months since its release, which makes it the greatest best seller in the country’s history. Never has a book sold so much so fast, and other editions of the title have become hits as well. The publisher Globo Livros released an illustrated version of the book before Christmas, and now a version aimed at children is being successfully promoted: Agapinho (which translates to Little Agape), is second only to Jogos vorazes, (The Hunger Games) in PublishNews’ general bestseller list in April. Agape has recently been published in Portugal by Porto Editora, where it secured a place among the country’s best-selling titles upon release. Rights have also been sold to Korea and Poland so far.

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