Survey Says 44% of Brazilian E-book Readers Have Never Paid for One

In February, a survey was conducted with 330 users of Revolução eBook, a website owned by Simplissimo, to identify consumers e-reading habits.

A total of 44% of the surveyed people said they have never bought e-books. Another 34% answered they have already shopped in Brazilian retailers, whereas 39% said they have bought titles from foreign e-bookstores. (The survey allowed the respondents to choose more than one alternative, that’s why the added numbers surpass 100%.)

Results show that 57% of the respondents do not own and e-reader, while 28% own a Kindle and 6% own a Nook.

In relation to tablets, 51% do not have such a device, while 33% have an iPad (1 or 2). Other 7% own the Galaxy Tab and 2%, the Motorola Xoom – with the rest owning other models.

Finally, only 12% say they have never downloaded pirate or free e-books. Of the 330 respondents, 55% have already download pirate books in Portuguese; 34% have done so with e-books in English and 74% have already downloaded free titles.

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