Brazil Gets its First HTML 5 Book App, Boom in Format Expected

In the coming weeks, Sao Paulo-based Livrus will launch Jogo dos papeletes coloridos, the first book app to use HTML5 format in Brazil, according to Ednei Procopio, editor at the company.

The app will include music, videos and animations. HTML5 allows all the app resources and features to be developed in the same language and offers access through web browsers. One main advantage for publishers over other formats is that it can be sold directly without the need to post it to Apple’s App Store or Google’s Android Market — thus avoiding the need to pay high commissions.

According to Camila Cabete, a Brazilian consultant for digital publishing, the use of HTML5 is expected to grow substantially in the country in the coming year. “This year, we expect it will be utilized much more often to produce book and game apps.”

One good example of the use of a HTML5 for an app is Playboy’s iPlayboy, which allowed the company to circumvent Apple’s restrictions on adult content. In Brazil, Folha de S. Paulo, the largest newspaper in the country, has also recently launched its HTML5 app, and subsequently disabled its own app available in the App Store.

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