11,000 Brazilian E-books Available, Saraiva is Top E-Publisher

Brazilian publishers have only been selling e-books in only 2009 and the number available has remained quite small. But that is changing. In less than a year, the total number of titles has tripled, from around 3,000 in April 2011 to more than 11,000 in January, according to a recent market report from Brazilian e-book and education firm Simplissimo, which compiled figures from major retailers.

Simplissimo Livros

According to Simplissimo, Gato Sabido is the largest Brazilian e-book retailer, now offers 7,292 e-books in Portuguese, while the e-bookstore of chain Saraiva came in second, with 6,058, and Amazon, which offers books through its US site, came in third, at 3,849. Though it is a major player, Cultura did not appear in the ranking because a search for Portuguese titles on its website didn’t return precise numbers. Simplissimo arrived final figure of 11,000 e-book titles after aggregating the results and eliminating duplicates.

Simplissimo notes that many of the titles in Portuguese offered by Amazon are, so far, either in the public domain works or self-published — and as a result, not yet available at the other retailers. As of January very few Brazilian publishers were selling titles through Amazon, but once Amazon opens in Brazil, which is expected to happen later this year, its catalogue in Portuguese will increase significantly.

The report also reveals that Brazilian publishers are not distributing their titles equally among all sales channels. Saraiva’s own publishing imprint is currently the most prolific Brazilian e-book publisher. Ironically, although it sells more than a 1,000 titles through Gato Sabido, it sells just 900 through Saraiva’s own e-bookstore, and a little more than 400 through Cultura.

After Saraiva, Zahar is the second largest e-book publisher, with around 500 titles, followed by L&PM, Barauna, Campus, Artmed, Record, Lumen Juris, Leya e IESDE Brasil.

Together, these ten publishers offer 4,086 e-book titles, representing about a third of the total number available. When the 30 largest e-books publishers in the country are taken into account, they offer a total of 5,670 titles, or 52% of the total.

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