Two New Literary Agencies Focus on Brazil

On March 17, after 17 years with Grupo Record — the largest trade publisher in Brazil — editorial director Luciana Villas-Boas will leave the company to dedicate her full time to launching a new literary agency, Villas-Boas & Moss.

The new venture is being created with her fiancée Raymond Moss, an American attorney, and will have offices in Atlanta and Rio de Janeiro, with the partners traveling between the two. The agency will represent foreign lists to Brazil and Brazilian lists to foreign countries, and will prioritize bring domestic and international exposure to upcoming Brazilian authors, several of whom Villas-Boas discovered and helped promote. Authors Edney Silvestre, Rafael Cardoso, Ronaldo Wrobel and Rafael Cardoso are among those writers who have already signed with the new agency.

Earlier this month, Patricia Seibel, the head of licensing at Kogan Publishing in the UK, announced the launch of her new agency focusing on selling rights to and from Brazil. Seibel’s gotten off to a good start, selling the rights to Catholic priest Marcelo Rossi’s Agape — the fastest selling book in Brazilian history, with more than 7 million sold in less than two years – to Korea. Seibel is also representing the lists from South Africa’s NB Publishers and Romenian Humanitas, as well as the rights of South Korean author Kim Hoon, to Brazil.

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