Brazil With 11 Finalists for Gourmand Cookbook Awards

By Roberta Campassi

This year, Brazil has 11 titles making the shortlist for the annual Gourmand World Cookbook Awards, up from five in 2010. It is the tenth most among the 71 countries competing for awards. Latin America had a surprising good performance, with 35 titles among the 283 finalists, up from 22 in 2010. Winners in 79 categories will be announced on March 6th just prior to the opening of the Paris Cookbook Fair.

The Brazilian books in competition, listed with their publishers, are:

  • Culinary Travel Guide: Brasil – Gastronomia, cultura e turismo (Bei)
  • Photography: Saveurs du Brésil (Studio Coimbra – Olo Editions)
  • Latin American Food: Gastronomia de Rua 2011 (Arte Ensaio)
  • Culinary literature: O Ganso Marisco e outros papos de cozinha (Melhoramentos)
  • Desserts: Confeitaria nacional (LMA)
  • Corporate: Sabores brasileiros (Tramontina – Boccato)
  • Vegetarian: A cozinha vegetariana de Astrid Pfeiffer (Alaúde)
  • Latin America: Gourmet e sustentável (Cook Lovers)
  • Translation: 210 coquetéis essenciais (Melhoramentos)
  • Spirits: A verdadeira história da cachaça (Sá Editora)
  • Wine Education: Conheça vinhos (Senac)
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