Globo Livros Launches Imprints, Hires NYC Scout

For the first time, Globo Livros will divide its list into branded imprints.

“The aim of creating imprints is to organize our catalogue,” says Marco Strecker, who took on the role of editorial director of Globo Livros in July. “With only one brand [Globo Livros] everything is too mixed up.”

The publishing house, which is owned by Organizações Globo, the largest media group in Brazil, publishes a wide variety of work. This ranges from the novels of Nobel Prize winner Herta Müller, to biographies, such as Keith Richards’ Life, to works of inspiration, like Marcelo Rossi’s Agape — a major national bestseller that has sold seven million copies in a little more than year since its release.

Strecker anticipates there will be a total of five new imprints, one each covering upscale literature, commercial fiction and nonfiction, children’s books and YA titles. The details, such as logos and title selection, have been settled but will not be revealed until the beginning of the year.

Globos Livros has hired New York-based scout Mary Anne Thompson to work with the company. Thompson has previously worked with Brazilian publishers Rocco and, more recently, with Ediouro, with whom her contract ended after this year’s Frankfurt Book Fair.
“She is very dynamic and competitive,” said Strecker. “And, as we are in a phase of expansion and are also very dynamic, it was a happy marriage of interests.”

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