Ingram Partners with Singular Digital Brazil to Kickstart Global Expansion

Singular Ingram partner

Brazilian readers who buy international titles through local bookstores will no longer have to wait an excruciating 45-60 days to have a book delivered — so long as it is one available through US-based Ingram Group. Why?

Late last month, Ingram Content Group launched Global Connect, a printing and distribution program, which will bring together its overseas print and distribution network — which includes facilities in the US, UK, France and Australia — under one umbrella. The announcement included the news that Ingram was also partnering with Singular Digital, a leading book manufacturer in Brazil with extensive regional distribution that belongs to Empresas Ediouro Publicações, one of the largest media groups in the country.

That means that Brazilians who choose Ingram titles will have the book printed by Singular at its print-on-demand facilities and shipped as fast as any regular title from any other bookstore.

“Today’s marketplace is no longer bound by national borders or languages. Global access offers publishers an untapped opportunity, and Ingram is reshaping the content distribution model to help them realize their full business potential,” said David “Skip” Prichard, President and CEO, Ingram Content Group. “Making the right content available, in the right format, to the right audience is key to success. Ingram’s Global Connect program was built to accomplish this for our customers on a worldwide scale.”

Ingram says the program is more than just a network of printers. What differentiates Ingram’s Global Connect program from other printing solutions is the unique combination of print-on-demand alliances with established local retail channel relationships. Publishers will gain access to new sales channels without the worry of dealing with importation and customs issues, or shipping and warehousing costs.

“The market for titles in English is estimated at being worth approximately US$30 million per year in Brazil, and our goal is not only to gain this market share but expand it,” said Carlo Carrenho, Executive Director of Singular Digital. “Brazil’s publishing industry is clearly growing — bookstore sales were up 9.6% in 2010 — but we are looking to the international publishing community for content and partnerships to help us continue this upward trend.”

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