Textbook Consortium Launch “Minha Biblioteca” E-book Service for University Libraries

Minha Biblioteca

In 2010, Objetiva, Record, Sextante, Rocco, L&PM and Planeta founded DLD, a company to convert their books to the digital format and to distribute e-books. As we wrote earlier, DLD launched its operations last month. Now four more major publishers — Grupo A, GEN, Saraiva and Atlas — have announced they will start a similar project, “Minha Biblioteca” [My Library], on June 1st.

Unlike DLD’s owners, the quartet have a strong presence in the textbook market, and will focus on distributing titles to university libraries instead of bookstores. The project will launch with an estimated 4,000 e-book titles. They will be made available in customized catalogues, tailored to the interests of the university, the number of students, and anticipated need.

The business model is straightforward: once the catalog is sold to a library, the buyer then has blanket permission to grant students access to all the content. A provision will be made so students can even read the books remotely.

Richardt Feller, director of Minha Biblioteca, says that the project is aimed at helping disadvantaged students have access to as much content as possible. It is also, he notes, “a hedge against book piracy” for the participating publishers which is one of the reasons he believes the project is likely to attract other publishers and expand.

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