Meet the Publisher: Língua Geral, A House for Lusophone Authors

Lingua Geral Logo

Língua Geral is the only publishing house in Brazil dedicated to exclusively promoting Lusophone authors. That means that in its catalog, Brazilian readers can find books from writers from Mozambique, Angola, Timor-Leste, Portugal and Brazil. The five year old company Língua Geral was created five years ago to promote the exchange between Brazil and all the countries that share the same idiom, unveiling similarities and differences between those cultures.

The founders themselves have a diverse, multicultural background; José Eduardo Agualusa is from Angola, Conceição ‘Connie’ Lopes hails form from Portugal, and Fátima Otero is Brazilian. Língua Geral is based in Rio de Janeiro and has a team of seven employees. So far, it has published 63 books. In 2010, 12 new books were released and for 2011, the goal is to publish 15 books.

Besides discovering good books from foreign authors, such as Mia Couto, Pepetela, Onkjaki and others, the publishing house is trying to export Brazilian writers abroad. “We maintain contact with Portuguese publishers, both to discover new writers from their country and sell rights to our own,” says Diogo Henriques, editor at Língua Geral. So far, the company has sold two titles by Brazilian authors –- Sobre a neblina by Christiane Tassis and Búfalo by Botika -– to publishers in Portugal.

Lingua Geral Covers

There are several good books due to be published soon. One is a selection of short stories from the “2000 generation.” Edited by Nelson de Oliveira, the book will feature Daniel Galera, Andréa del Fuego, Carola Saavedra, Santiago Nazarian, and Veronica Stigger, among others.

Following that Língua Geral will also release a second book collection for young readers. Mamã Lusa will be dedicated to Portuguese authors, with Gonçalo M. Tavares and Inês Pedrosa opening the collection.

In addition, Língua Geral will publish Perímetro humano by poet Victor Loureiro, No silêncio de deus by Portuguese writer Patrícia Reis (already previously published by Língua Geral), Yaka by Angolan writers Pepetela, and a prose anthology of work by Fernando Pessoa.

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