Mrs. Presidents: Women Call the Shots in Brazil

Karine Pansa

Dilma Rousseff was the first woman to be elected the president of Brazil. She assumed her new role in Brasilia on January 1st. Now the Brazilian Book Chamber -– aka Câmara Brasileira do Livro (CBL), in Paulo Coelho’s mother tongue -– has elected its new board for the years 2011-2012 and the president is also a woman.

The association that represents all the constituents in Brazilian publishing, from publishers to booksellers, appears to be a little ahead of the federal government, though. After all, Mrs. Karine Pansa, the new president, is replacing another woman, Rosely Boschini (Editora Gente), who led the CBL over the previous four years.

camara basileira do livro

Mrs. Pansa, who owns Girassol Editions, believes she has two special challenges ahead. One, is the revision of the Brazilian Author’s Rights Law. “We need to find a solution that will be good for everyone,” she says. The other is the creation of a national book database, a project in which Brazil is lagging behind other foreign markets. “We need this database to work as a real partner to publishers, distributors, booksellers and government,” she added.

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