Not Ready to Wait on Others, STM Pub Ciência Moderna Launches Own Digital Distribution Platform

Editora Ciencia Moderna

The e-book market in Brazil is still nascent and there are only around 4,000 titles available, and that is according to the most optimistic guesstimates. Some companies, however, are experimenting and trying to get a head start over everyone else. The medium-size STM publisher, Ciência Moderna, is one of them. Based in Rio de Janeiro, Ciência Moderna is beginning to offer e-books –- 28 to start -– and it’s only a fraction of its 1,000 strong catalogue of titles.

Of course, that is just the beginning. Initially, the titles are only available for download; by the end of the year they plan to offer 200 e-books available not only on their website, but also in several other online retailers. While other Brazilian publishers are still waiting for distributors to refine their systems and processes, Ciência Moderna has launched their own “distribution system.” “We have become our own aggregator and we are able to provide feeds to any e-bookstore,” explained George Meirelles, general manager of the publishing house. All the books so far are in the PDF format, but there are plans for ePUB formats. Ciência Moderna uses Adobe Editions’s DRM system and its e-book editions are 30% cheaper than the printed books.

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