Book Review: Chef Carla Pernambuco’s Delicious Cookbook Dez x10

Dez x 10 cookbook

The two locations of Chef Carla Pernambuco’s Carlota restaurants are can’t miss destinations for foodies in São Paulo and Rio. Now, in the fully illustrated book Dez x10 (256 pp.), published by LeYa Brasil, Pernambuco reveals how to prepare 100 of her recipes. There is a special chapter on Brazilian food and home chefs will learn how to prepare, for example, jerk beef in onions and pumpkin purée and salted cod fish stew with bananas and coconut milk. She also reinvents some world classics such as Bruschetta (here, done brie cheese and asparagus), and lasagna, paella, couscous, éclairs, octopus risotto, ceviche and many more delights.

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